How much does Lumosity cost and does it work?



Dear Abie,

I’ve been hearing a lot about lately on NPR and Hulu. Will that website really make me smarter and what’s the catch?

– Too lazy to read books anymore



Dear Too Lazy,

Any kind of game or activity can be a brain exercise. Besides brainiac games such as chess there are simpler daily games that can help fight off Alzheimer’s, games such as the Crossword puzzle or Sudoku that can be found in any daily newspaper.

Even playing a popular game such as Candy Crush, and if you are playing it without buying all the bonuses, you can challenge even the most rational of thinkers; simply turn the colors into numbers and somehow it has more “mathiness” than before, even though it is mostly perception as the same logic applies.

Lately you may have heard about Lumosity which is a website that claims to give your brain a workout with exercises that were developed by neuroscientists and what not. They have also targeted an intelligent audience with their marketing focus on NPR and the Daily Show.

What’s the catch? It is hard to find by navigating the site, but unlocking the full Lumosity website will cost you $79.99 for one year, and that’s the only option.

But is it worth it? Will it make you smarter? Methinks so, especially once you realize you don’t need to spend $80 to get this result. But now what do you do now with the 364 days that remain on your Lumosity account?

If nothing else, you indirectly helped fund quality programming such as NPR and the Daily Show… Which suggests an idea. Perhaps NPR can give away “free” Lumosity accounts which any donation of $100 or more?

I feel smarter already.



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